Barcode Beasts


Barcode Beasts is a mobile game in which players scan barcodes to capture and battle digital beasts with their friends. They will be able to hunt, capture, train, care for, bond, and battle with the beasts. The game is currently in production and there is no planned release date at this point. If you’d like to support this project, share our social media pages or this website with people that might find this game interesting.

A Few of Our Favorites

This certainly isn’t the full roster, but these are a few of the Beasts we’d like to show off while we continue to work on the game.

Latest Updates

  • September 2023: New Barcode Beasts Update
    Hi everyone! On Halloween 2021, Sivlar released a small prototype for an upcoming mobile game that we’re developing called Barcode Beasts. It’s intended to be a game where players scan barcodes to capture and battle digital beasts. The idea was…